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Brooklyn, New York

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The Bike Enchilada is an environmentally responsible bike tool wallet that hold everything you need for your next ride, whether it's your weekend ride, your commute to work, or a mountain bike blowout. Its slim design fits perfectly into a jersey pocket or slides easily into your messenger bag. The Enchilada has room for a spare tube, a multi-tool, tire levers, a patch kit, ID, money, and a credit card. Best of all, you won't have to rely on a seat bag which can easily get stolen - not to mention ruin the beautiful lines of your sweet ride. If you're a believer in Rule 31, this is the bike wallet for you.


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Let's face it: seat bags are ugly. The Bike Enchilada lets you keep your bike looking sweet while you have everything you need for your next ride. Hand-made in Brooklyn of up-cycled vinyl banners, the BIke Enchilada gives you a sleek, no nonsense wallet to hold your biking essentials. Do good for you, do good for the environment, and most of all, do good for your bike. Get yourself an Enchilada!



The Bike Enchilada is a Brooklyn based company that's making bike bags you can feel good about - everything you need for your cycling adventures in one place. Handmade in Brooklyn by trusted bag making professionals out of waterproof upcycled vinyl banners, the Enchilada replaces your bulky, unwieldy and stealable seat bag with a slim wallet that holds all the tools you need. It fits perfectly in your jersey pocket -- or you can put it in your messenger bag for your commute.

A little history: A few years ago I found that I would leave home on long rides and forget to stuff all of the tools I needed for on-the-road emergency repairs in my jersey pocket. I bought a few tool rolls and none of them seemed to work out – either they were too bulky, too uncomfortable, or too expensive. So I worked with my mother-in-law (shoutout to Debbie!) to make a tool wallet for myself, and we created the slimline wallet you’re holding. Karen at Recycle A Bicycle – a great Brooklyn nonprofit you can learn more about below – had the brilliant inspiration to re-use a vinyl banner as raw material. Bingo! The Enchilada was created: an inexpensive, yet durable, stylish, and environmentally responsible replacement for uncool underseat toolbags. 

Ditch your ugly seat bag! Do good for you, do good for the environment, and most of all, do good for your bike. Get yourself an Enchilada!