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Brooklyn, New York

(917) 865-5204

The Bike Enchilada is an environmentally responsible bike tool wallet that hold everything you need for your next ride, whether it's your weekend ride, your commute to work, or a mountain bike blowout. Its slim design fits perfectly into a jersey pocket or slides easily into your messenger bag. The Enchilada has room for a spare tube, a multi-tool, tire levers, a patch kit, ID, money, and a credit card. Best of all, you won't have to rely on a seat bag which can easily get stolen - not to mention ruin the beautiful lines of your sweet ride. If you're a believer in Rule 31, this is the bike wallet for you.


What is the Bike Enchilada?

The Bike Enchilada is a bike tool wallet that holds everything you need for your cycling adventures, hand-made in Brooklyn out of upcycled vinyl banners. 


The Enchilada Original has the maximum space allowable by law for your tools. Law? Ok, maybe that's pushing it. But the Original is the exact size of most jersey pockets, so you can fit the maximum amount of stuff in this bad boy. 


The Enchilada Carrera is the minimalist version for those thrill seekers and racers who need only the minimum amount of stuff. It's two inches shorter but made of the same tough material. Most pumps are going to stick out of the top of the Carrera, but that's okay. You won't forget it next time.



Load up your new Enchilada with the tools you want, and receive a 10% discount on the whole package, er, Enchilada. Ordering info will be available soon!



Tote your stuff like a pro with the Enchilada Musette. Better than a plastic bag, better than your supermarket tote bag -- throw this over your shoulder and hit the town. It fits your reading material, your electronics, your Enchiladas, whatever you want. Made out of the same tough vinyl the Enchiladas are made of. 



(c) The Bike Enchilada 2016

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